Highlights from Relativity Fest 2019

Relativity Fest relfest2019_keynotecelebrated its tenth anniversary at the Hilton in Chicago.  It featured as many as sixteen simultaneous sessions and was attended by about 2,000 people.  You can find my full set of photos here.

The show was well-organized and there were always plenty of friendly staff around to help.  The keynote introduced the company’s new CEO, Mike Gamson.  Various staff members talked about new functionality that is planned for Relativity.  A live demo of the coming Aero UI highlighted its ability to display very large (dozens of MB) documents quickly.relfest2019_party

I mostly attended the developer sessions.  During the first full day, the sessions I attended were packed and there were people standing in the back.  It thinned out a bit during the remaining days.  The on-premises version of Relativity will be switching from quarterly releases to annual releases because most people don’t want to upgrade so often.  Relativity One will have updates quarterly or faster.  There seems to be a major push to make APIs more uniform and better documented.  There was also a lot of emphasis on reducing breakage of third party tools with new releases.relfest2019_hotel

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